The mission of FACE is to promote a high-quality performing arts education for all students in Fairfax County.

All students in FCPS deserve access to the benefits of participation in the performing arts. FACE works with the FCPS school board and performing arts teachers to promote the maintenance of the FCPS performing arts, including advocating for funds in the yearly budget and advocating for policies which support the performing arts. FACE accomplishes this mission by informing and organizing the community, as well as educating members of the school board.

FACE was organized in 1991 and is comprised of representatives from many Fairfax arts organizations and community advocates. In past years, FACE has participated in the following activities:

  • Handing out postcards, flyers and leaflets at music events;

  • Recruit speakers for School Board and Board of Supervisor Budget Hearings;

  • Attend meetings;

  • Organize and assemble large groups of supporters to attend School Board and Board of Supervisor Hearings, Meetings, Town Hall Dialogs;

  • Email, fax, phone call and letter writing campaigns/blitzes;

  • Organize petitions.

From the Fairfax County Council PTA:

Tell us what YOU think about our public schools, class sizes, technology, curriculum, advanced academics, and special education! We have created an online survey in multiple languages (English, Spanish, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, Arabic, and Urdu) to solicit the opinions of parents, students, and FCPS employees. All responses are anonymous.

Your priorities are our priorities. Your responses will guide our engagement with FCPS, the School Board, Board of Supervisors, and the State of Virginia. Your local PTA will receive school-specific data to guide their planning and activities. In addition, we will share the survey results with FACE and other partner organizations, so we can work together to advance our common agenda to provide world-class schools for our kids, families, and communities.

Take the survey today at (or

Questions? Contact Matt Dunne,


Websites with detailed information
FCPS Budget: -  Information will be updated in January
Fairfax Board of Supervisors:  - Find your supervisor’s contact information on this site.

Facebook Groups
Save Fairfax Band and Strings (FACE) - send a request to join this group

Information on Virginia Education Budget
Contact your State Legislator and ask him/her to increase funding in Virginia for public education. 
Go to  to get your legislator’s contact information. 

Less than 30% of the population in Fairfax County has children in school.  This makes your participation in this process absolutely necessary.